IKEA Sukhumvit

Thanks to the new IKEA Sukhumvit you don’t need to go all the way to Bangna anymore to buy furniture from the famous Swedish brand.

IKEA opened a branch in EmSphere, the new mega mall in Phrom Pong.

Let us give you a quick overview of what you can find in and around IKEA Sukhumvit, as well as how to get there, and what to try while you’re at the shop.

About IKEA Sukhumvit

  • Location: 3rd Floor of EmSphere Mall, in Phrom Pong
  • Opening hours: Every day, from 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Parking: 800 parking spots

Try Mami Rose, Right Above Ikea

This the interior entrance of the restaurant Mami Rose in Bangkok located on 5th floor in EmSphere.

Mami Rose is the Goodtime Restaurant you need in your life.

And we’re just above IKEA.

From IKEA Sukhumvit, take the escalator to the 5th floor, and next to the UOB Live entrance, you will be welcomed by our flamingo and charming hostess.

After exploring IKEA, ascend to Mami Rose on the 5th floor for a taste of international cuisine and refreshing drinks in a lively ambiance.

Perfect for unwinding after a day of shopping.

The First IKEA City In Thailand

This is the plant store of IKEA in Emsphere Mall in Bangkok.

We all love spending the day at IKEA, wandering around their immense shop to get a ton of inspiration to decorate our homes.

But sometimes, you’re in a rush.

You just want to grab a chair, a pillow, or one of their iconic Lack coffee table because you have a few friends coming over.

IKEA City is perfect for that.

It has all the essentials you need to furnish your home, right in the center of the city.

Skip the long rides to IKEA Bangna, (almost) everything you want is there.

What’s Unique About IKEA Sukhumvit?

Peolple walking in the storage of IKEA in EmSphere Mall in Bangkok.

The location is not the only unique thing about this new IKEA.

The shop is incredibly luminous with high windows all around the building bringing natural light in.

The fact that it’s so much smaller than the big IKEA stores we’re used to, makes it way more accessible.

And yet, you have everything you need there.

Unlike its larger counterparts, IKEA Sukhumvit covers over 12,000 square meters and the store offers over 8,254 products.

From bathroom essentials to cutlery, beds, mattresses, and even garden furniture.

On top of that, if there’s anything you want that they don’t have in this IKEA, you can order it at the shop and have it delivered anywhere in Bangkok.

It’s even the first IKEA branch in Thailand to offer delivery using environmentally friendly electric vehicles for customers living within an 8-kilometer radius, 

What else do you need?

Here’s a quick video that shows you around IKEA Sukhumvit to give you a sense of what you’ll find there.

IKEA Sukhumvit Store Visit

The Food

This is the IKEA's restaurant of EmSphere Mall in Bangkok.

The restaurant of this IKEA is in a larger area than other branches.

It can seat up to 530 guests and offers a panoramic view of Benjasiri Park. 

Everybody knows IKEA for their meatballs, but their shop has a lot more to offer.

Try their Fish and Chips for 129 THB or Salmon Fillet for 249 THB.

All the food is pretty good and very affordable.

You can also try more Swedish Specialties at their Swedish Food Market where you can find all their food to take home

Now if you fancy the best food in the mall, head to Mami Rose, right above IKEA.

We’re ready to take your order.

How To Get To IKEA Sukhumvit?

By BTS, stop at Phrom Pong station, use the skywalk linking the station to EmSphere, and take the escalators on your right after the entrance to head to the 3rd floor.

By car or motorbike, head to EmSphere entrance in Sukhumvit Soi 22, then go up to the 4th-floor parking to park right next to IKEA.


How big is IKEA Sukhumvit?

The IKEA Sukhumvit is 12,000 square meters and the store offers over 8,254 products. 

Which IKEA in Bangkok is bigger?

The biggest IKEA in Bangkok is IKEA Bangna.

What is IKEA Sukhumvit opening date?

IKEA Sukhumvit opened on December 1, 2023.

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